Build Company Culture Awareness
How To Build Company Culture Awareness In Corporate eLearning
Christopher Pappas
20 Aug 2018
Sofia Cloud

How To Build Company Culture Awareness In Corporate eLearning:

6 Ways To Consider

Company culture encompasses everything from your core mission statement and values to the expectations you have for your staff. It represents your beliefs and sets the tone for every member of the team. But how can you build company culture awareness when your employees are geographically dispersed? After all, there's no physical training environment where you can rally the troops and ensure that everyone understands your messaging. The solution is an effective online training strategy that respects individual values and gives them a sense of belonging.

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First Things First:

Define Your Company Culture And Brand Identity

It's difficult to pin down something as intangible as company culture. It plays a direct role in how employees feel about their work and your organization, as a whole. As such, you must clearly define every aspect of your company culture, including the environment you want to create. This also ties into your brand identity. What does your company stand for? How can you ensure that your public persona is in line with your company culture so that you maintain a cohesive identity? It's all part of the corporate package.

1. Host Live Events With In-House Brand Ambassadors

There are probably certain people within your organization who represent your company culture. Encourage these employees to become your in-house brand ambassadors and host live events where they can share their expertise. These individuals should understand your vision, values, and company message in depth. You can also offer them resources to build a more clear and cohesive awareness of your company culture. That way, they're able to impart their wisdom to co-workers and serve as a source of peer-based support.

2. Create Infographics That Sum Up Company Pillars

Company pillars are the fundamental elements of your brand that made it what it is today. They are the principles that have been established and finely tuned throughout the years. Create infographics that sum up these pillars and how they tie into employee's duties and roles, and the work atmosphere in general. For example, one of your primary pillars is to provide an inclusive work environment that honors cultural diversity.

3. Show Company Philosophies In Action With Demo Videos

Sometimes employees may be aware of the company culture in theory but aren't sure how it looks "in action", such as how they can be better representatives for your brand and fall in line with company policies on the job. Produce demo videos that set the example for them to follow. For instance, depict multigenerational co-workers openly sharing ideas and opinions to resolve a work-related problem. Everyone's thoughts are considered and respected.

4. Launch A Social Media Group To Keep Employees In The Loop

The best way to build company culture awareness in corporate eLearning is to create a sense of community. Employees need to know that their feedback counts and is acted upon. But they must also feel like they're being kept in the loop. Especially regarding business decisions that impact the company culture as a whole. Launch a social media group to provide them with a platform to speak and to keep them abreast of company updates. Use this social group to offer bite-sized online training resources that build company culture awareness, such as inspirational quotes that sum up your company's core values, or videos that feature your founder talking about the company's mission and its origins. Keep in mind that often employees help shape your company culture over time. It's a culmination of their personality traits, beliefs, and work ethics. They're a crucial component of your organizational identity.

5. Start An Online Training Certification Program That Covers Core Policies

Develop an online training certification program that features the key aspects of your company policies and mission. As an example, one online training certification course covers adaptability and helps employees understand the importance of change and remaining "teachable", while another addresses teamwork and allows employees to build related skills. Every online training certification course should tie into the cultural pillars that define who you are and what makes you different from other organizations.

6. Develop Immersive Stories That Showcase Your Company Culture

Even though organizational culture does help employees uphold company standards, it's rooted in emotions. It dictates how your employees feel and how to interact with their peers. Develop immersive stories, anecdotes, and examples that showcase your organizational culture and create emotional connectivity. Like an animated video or simulation that illustrates your core beliefs and ideologies in a real-world context. For example, employees are able to immerse themselves in a work conflict where they must use all their knowledge and skills to resolve the issue. This requires a strong company culture awareness that governs how they handle themselves and approach the problem. If the company values teamwork and integrity, the employee must take time to discuss a resolution with all parties, as well as honor different perspectives and having empathy for others, rather than resolving the issue at any cost using questionable tactics.

Extra Tip For Building Company Culture Awareness

The last tip I'll leave you with is to maintain a policy of full transparency and open communication. In fact, this serves as a basis for every item on this list. Employees must feel like they're part of something bigger and understand your organization's purpose. A vague organizational culture can increase employee turnover because it doesn't provide employees with a solid foundation. They're unable to build their careers on shaky ground. Or they realize much too late that their personality and values conflict with the company culture and choose to leave. After you've invested online training resources and time into cultivating their talents, of course. So keep an open line of communication and be upfront about what your company stands for, as well as how each member of the team must contribute and what's expected of them during every stage of the employment cycle, and what they can expect in return. Wondering how to provide your employees with the continual support they require, even if they are geographically dispersed? Read the article 7 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs A Strong Corporate eLearning Culture to discover the reasons for building a strong corporate eLearning culture.

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