7 Ways LMS's Help Improves Employee Training
Ways LMS help you improve your L&D team’s workflow
Robbins Jefferson Kariseb
20 Aug 2018

7 Ways LMS's Help Improves Employee Training

Employee training is essential for any organization with the desire to rise above its competition. In the modern world with advancements in technology, your rivals might have an edge on you if you fail to realize the importance of effective employee training. It is a common misconception to undermine the essence of efficient training programs, and this is mainly due to the absence of accurate ROI indicators. In this article, I will introduce you to the realm of eLearning and how your organization can utilize this technology to establish a competent workforce.

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Before going diving into the subject matter, it is imperative that we redefine a few terms commonly thrown around on the internet. This question has been thrown around for a very long time on the internet, with a variety of definitions. However, since we are approaching the subject matter with laser focus, the better question would be; What is a Corporate Learning Management System? In this case, the answer would be simple, Corporate LMS’s help businesses automate most of their employee training activities. They can also integrate well with sub-systems such as Customer Resource Management (CRM), Human Resource Systems (HRS), and tools for virtual classrooms and meetings.

1. Employees can access courses on any device.

Information should be free and easily accessible. Employees should have the ability to access training material online whenever they need it. An LMS gives them access to training material on any device or browser, this is made possible by a responsive design. This gives them time to work on their skill gaps on their own time with no overhead on the business time and schedule. This also offers a better return on your investment, given that employees are more productive on the job and spend less time in formal training.

2. Maintain Compliance and Monitor Employee Performance

With training done on a digital platform, there is virtually no limit to the control administrators, managers, instructors, and L&D officers have on the performance of the program. One simply creates a course, enrolls a few learners and watch as the data takes care of itself. LMS’s offer a wide variety of build in reports such as the Course Completion Report, User Activity Reports and Quiz Reports. This tool help administrators understand the performance and using the data a few questions may be answered. How engaging is your course? What percentage of learners successfully complete the training? How effective is the training curriculum? Do users understand the content?

3. Streamline Course Development

A vital aspect that adds to a Learning Management System perceived usefulness is how it impacts your L&D team’s workflow. LMS’s come with a powerful course offering tool that helps you to create, store and manage courses on the platform quickly and easily. This helps your team to enhances collaboration by sharing courses with other instructors, L&D professionals, and managers

4. On-demand training around the clock

Automation is has been a trend business of all sizes have been investing since the introduction of computers and the internet. Since there is no need for instructors to perform hands-on teaching, a Learning Management System with eLearning courses is available for your organization’s learners 24/7.

5. Reduce the cost associated with traditional training

In the ever-evolving world with new forms of communication, it is uneconomical to spend around $1,000 on travel cost per employee. For small businesses, it is a no-brainer to cut this cost down by up to 100%. This especially becomes true if you have offices in multiple locations, and you have employees that need to be trained. Go digital! An eLearning platform will break geographical barriers. This is mainly due to the fact that eLearning platforms ensure that material is accessible by all registered users regardless of their geographical location as long as they have internet access.

6. Aligning Training More With Organization’s Goals.

With a Learning Management System in place, your organization has access to a wide variety of tools to ensure that new initiatives are delivered effectively and consistently. A Learning Management System makes learning dynamically aligned to the organization’s needs as training can be rolled out quickly and measured effectively.

7. Compliance Based Training

Flexibility and Compliance are some of the fundamental value additions LMS contributes to your employee training efforts. A Learning Management System ensures freedom for many learners to fit learning into busy schedules and flex learning by using short chunks of eLearning. This coupled with the ability for administrators to track learner engagement on eLearning courses also adds to benefits of using eLearning in exchange for traditional training.

Robbins Jefferson Kariseb Founder and CEO at Sofia

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Robbins Jefferson Kariseb is the founder of The Sofia Learning Management System, which is the fastest growing, and award-winning SaaS-based Corporate LMS. Robbins has a proven track record with industry-leading software in Namibian.


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